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Water Well and Pump Repair/Re=cistern water pump-not working


After a sudden cold temperature water pump inside a heated room of cottage..stopped pumping water

I opened all the water taps & doors under the cabinets to try to have warm room air circulating

But the pump will not pump water.. it just keeps running & running.. so I turned the switch off for now

We are expecting some warmer weather the next few days..
What would you suggest I do to get the water flowing again?
There is water in the cistern

The hose goes in the top of the is a very old set-up

Any help would be appreciated..

You really haven't given me much info to work with.  That fact that it froze and you have a cistern tells me that you have two pumps.  One to fill the cistern and one to pump out of the cistern into the cabin.

It would be my best guess that one or possibly both of the systems are still frozen somewhere.  Or the pump that pumps pressure into the house has lost it's prime or has nuked from overheat while not moving water.

If you can give me more information, I can try to be more specific.

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