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I'm putting together a catchment system using a jet pump to feed my house plumbing. I'd like to use an old electric water heater for a bladderless tank. It seems like it'd work if I mount it horizontally and install a float-type air volume control valve in one of the heating element holes. Does this sound workable?  Is there another type of AVC valve that wouldn't have a float arm and would permit mounting the tank vertically? Thank you.

Yes, it could work, but not with the AVC you have in mind.  The one with the float is for letting air out not in.  You need a Brady AVC that instead of having 1-1/4" threads, it has 1/4" threads.  I have a bunch of them that I've had for years.  Bladder tanks kind of made them useless.  You will also need some tubing and the fittings to hook the tubing to the AVC and to the suction of the jet pump.  Not all pumps today have suction ports for these things, so it may or may not work with your pump.  If you can send a few pictures of your pump it would be very helpful.

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