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My well pump is 12 years old.I expect it to give up the ghost soon. I talked to a man that has put a top well pump on his well and said it lasts as long as his submersible did. I have become disabled since installing my pump, and I am not looking forward to pulling it to replace it. Why? Because the pump is sitting at 160'. Will a top mount pump work for a deep well? The pump I am using is 3/4hp. What should me replacement pump be?

Submersible pumps are far more efficient than jet pumps.  The fact that your pump is hanging at 160 feet tells me that you have a very deep water level.  A shallow well jet pump can lift water a max of 25'.  A deep well jet pump with the jet in the well poops out at just over a hundred feet.  So even if it did work, you wouldn't be happy with the volume and pressure.  I would stick with the sub no matter what.

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