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  We are in the process of purchasing a home in the midwest.  The current owners had a leaking UST removed from the property in 2011 and soil remediation done.  ( they provided paperwork)  The other day we had an inspection done and noticed a strong oil odor coming from the sump pit in the crawl space.  ( no one is currently living in the house-empty for past few months) There is also an oily sheen on the water that's in there.  There is not an actual pump in the pit.  Could the oil be from the removal of the tank not being performed properly?  Leftover oil from the leak?  What should our next step be?
  thank you!!

ANSWER: I assume UST stands for "underground storage tank".  If so, was it an oil tank?  I know when I built a house in the 70's I dug a hole and buried an underground oil storage tank.  It was 220 gallons and was plain steel.  Which over time can rust through.  This may be what happened to the one they removed.  The oil could have been leaking for a long time.  If that is the case, the oil will slowly make it's way through the soil due to gravity and will mostly be dissipated by the soil and ground water.  Not that it's good to dump oil on the ground, but it will eventually go away so to speak.

The odor your talking about, what does it smell like?

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QUESTION: Yes, sorry I was not clear-UST- underground storage tank was used for heating oil ( I assume) and on paperwork says " non-hazardous" waste removed and soil removed and replaced.  The house was built in 1953.  
In the crawlspace there is a "pit" in the far corner that my husband and plumber assumed was used to deter water coming in.  He said there was a strong odor of oil coming from there and an oily sheen on the water in that pit.
There is no pump in the pit, so I am wondering if odor could be residual from oil tank removal?  Should we have the groundwater tested?

I might caution you that calling about that and alerting the EPA could be an expensive exercise.  Doing a soil inspection could mean digging up your entire property and you may end up with the bill.  Hopefully the oil smell will dissipate soon and just go away by itself.

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