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Hi Robert,
I'm having a hell of a time finding parts on the internet for a Jacuzzi brand shallow well pump. Model # 3NRPHP S1/A
serial # svhi 07404

I need a seal/bushing for shaft of 3/4" diameter.  the seal/bushing has an outside diameter of 1-3/8".
I might need the part on the other end of the spring opposite the plastic impeller.
Any general or specific help you could give me to find the part(s) would be helpful and appreciated.
I can't seem to find Jacuzzi brand pumps anywhere on the internet.  Of course when you do a search on google the word Jacuzzi brings up all kinds of whirlpool products that are completely off track.

Hi Robert,

Jacuzzi has been bought out by Franklin Electric and I imagine parts are very scarce.  They never were much of a pump and I wouldn't recommend spending a lot on one.  

The motor shaft should be 5/8" not 3/4" and pump seals are pretty standard.  The two most popular are the PS-100 and the PS-200.  I am not sure which seal the Jacuzzi pumps use cause I've never seen that many of them in my area.  Because there is rubber in both parts of the seal, it's very hard for two people to measure and come up with the same number.  If you want to send the old parts to me, I will match them up for you.  Both pieces have to be replaced too.  The part with the spring and the ceramic piece in the seal plate of the pump with the rubber cup.  I would need all 3 parts.

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