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QUESTION: On well water.  Have water softner.  Still get way to much  white chalky deposits.  On furnace humidifer I notice it a lot. Has almost clogged up system.  Please recommend whole house water filter under $150 that can remove most of the problem.  

Thank You.

ANSWER: There is no such thing for under $150.00 that will remove hardness.  No inline filter will remove anything but sand and some taste/odor if using a carbon type cartridge.  All the others are really just a joke.

You may find that the white chalkie stuff is actually salt from your softened water.  Water softeners leave very little salt in your water, but a humidifier probably uses a lot of water and therefor deposits some of the salt on the revolving pad.  

Do you know in fact if the water going to the humidifier is soft water or raw well water?


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QUESTION: It is soft water.  What would you recommend I do to lessen the problem

About the only thing I could think of would be to put an undersink RO (Reverse Osmosis) in and send that water to the humidifier.  It would be 90% pure or better and all the salt would be removed along with most everything else.  They aren't terribly expensive.  I can probably get you one for around $200.00.  They aren't real hard to install.  The hard part is working under your kitchen sink.

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