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QUESTION: I have a very old system. For over a year now, we have occasionally lost water and or pressure. Water has always been restored by pressing a reset button on the pressure switch.... sometimes once a month... sometimes once a week.... and sometimes several months would go by without any loss of water/pressure or pressing the reset button. Until this last weekend.  We had to reset after 1 shower, then again after laundry and sometimes during the dishwasher running. I had a guy come out today, give the pressure tank a knock and say "yep, it's waterlogged, ya need a new tank." Does this seem accurate? Does a water logged tank need to be replaced?  Thank you!

ANSWER: I would never take the word of someone knocking on your tank and saying it's waterlogged.  I have never been able to honestly say a tank is waterlogged by knocking on it because, knocking generally sounds the same no matter where you knock.  Pushing it sideways slightly will give you an idea of how heavy it is which will give a good indication of it's state.  Heavy, it's probably full of water and water logged.  Light, it's probably fine.  A tire gauge does wonders for checking out bladder tanks.  Without one, your just a R and R specialist.  These guys are not Tech's.

When you say you pressed a button on the pressure switch; do you mean the control box?  The pressure switch is generally a little box about 2.5" by 4" square.  A control box is bigger.

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pressure switch
pressure switch  
QUESTION: That's kinda what I was thinking, he had no tools, no nothing except his fist to knock. It is definitely the pressure switch, the control box was replaced a couple years ago... This is not my picture, but the exact same little button in the middle of these wires is my miracle for bringing water back. (Attached) I will obviously call someone else, but, does a waterlogged tank need to be replaced?
Ironically, yesterday was the first day since this weekend that I made it a full day without resetting. Plenty of laundry and showers done too, which leads me to believe this pressure switch could actually just be faulty?
I probably will go ahead and replace everything. I just don't want to give my business to this jerk if he's lying.

I would call a Well Driller.  They are the best to sort this out.  Not a plumber or handyman.  They don't understand pumps.

Are you talking about the green rectangular button in the middle of the four screws?  That moves the points either open or closed.  I can't remember since that switch is not very popular.  It could be a low pressure cut off switch; which means if the water pressure gets below a preset level, the switch's points open up to save the pump in the event of loss of prime.  If that's the case, your well screen may be plugging up or the water level in the well may have dropped which will make the pump not get the water so easily.

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