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Water Well and Pump Repair/domestic water pump from well, not submerged


QUESTION: We have just purchased new pump and it switches itself on every 5 minutes (timed it,) and makes a lot of noise .. As the pump is immediately outside the main door of our cave its very annoying.  What do you think is the matter with it.  The guy who fitted it said we must have a leak bu t as all our floors are tiled that is a nightmare we dont want to face!  Help.

ANSWER: I don't know if you are pulling water from a well or if your boosting pressure from a city water source.  Do you have a storage tank?  If so, how big is it?  What brand and kind.

A leak could be anywhere between the source and the very  last fixture in the plumbing system.  If you have a well, the leak could be down the well.  If your on city water, you would need a check valve at the pump to keep the pressure from running back.

As you can see; I have no idea what kind of system you have.  If your able to take digital pictures and post them here, I might be able to see what's going on.

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QUESTION: Thank you for that, so quick and the weekend!  We have a storage tank, basically a big hole in the ground lined with cocrete under the patio!  Been there forever! No idea how big it is either.  The local guy comes with his tanker (no gauge)and pumps till we yell whoa! Didnt think you would work miracles!  We have to put up with it i suppose!  Unless someone makes a silent pump ?  
Thanks for your idea anyway, very grateful and will recommed you.

OK, so you have this hole filled with water which you pull from with a shallow well jet pump.  The kind of tank I'm talking about is the tank the pump puts water in for storage.  This keeps the pump from coming on so much and makes the motor last much longer.  If you don't have one, your pump guy needs to get another occupation.  A new pump shouldn't make much noise either.

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