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QUESTION: I bought a small cabin with a Provectr Water Treatment System (Noryl Control Valve) Cannot find the Model on the unit, yet Installation Instructions have three model types : AF-8P, 10P and 13P.

Have have never done a thing to the system for around almost twenty years!  (we have iron-hard water up here in the White Mountains of NH) .  The water seems fine to drink, though I see an iron and sediment build up in the toilet tank.

What, if any maintenance should I be doing...or have some one do. I once talked to the local well company...they seemed to think "do nothing." This does not seem right...it must use up salt or what ever is doing the softening.  

Any answers would be much appreciated.  Thank you.


ANSWER: Twenty years is a very long life for any Water Softener.  I don't recognize any of the numbers you mentioned.  A picture would help a lot.  After that long of a time, I wouldn't think of trying to repair that unit.  I would install a new one.  I would also see how much iron you have and possibly put an iron filter in front of the softener.  I know most companies tell you that a softener can take out iron.  It can, but not all the iron and the iron also gums up the softener media and shortens it's life.

Is the unit using salt?  Is the water soft?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: There are two blue tanks. THe larger has a timer on it and the smaller: hoses hooked up to the larger. They do not look like they can be opened to add anything....like salt.  Wish the previous owner was still alive to ask. He did not mention having to add salt.  I think you are right to have the whole thing replaced .  An iron filter is a good idea also. I'll try and send a picture though.

Thank you  for your help!!



I'm not sure what would use hoses except something from Home Depot.  If there is no brine tank, you don't have a softener.  A softener must have salt to exchange with the hardness particles.  There are magnetic softeners out there, but the only drawback with them is they don't work.

If you can't get a picture to load, you can put it up on my Forum at:  www.pumpsandtanks.com/forum

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