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QUESTION: Hello Robert,

There was no link for a follow up on your last answer so I started this new thread
I'm at work today and wont be able to check it until tomorrow morning.
When I first saw this surging problem last week I went down to the lower house and drained the tank and adjusted the bladder pressure to 38#, The switch cut in is set to 40#.
Would I have been able to do this if the tank was bad.

ANSWER: It's hard to say.  I don't know how your setting the tanks air pressure.  Remember, the water pressure in the house plumbing has to be at zero pressure before you can make adjustments to the tanks air.  Here is a link that might make it a bit simpler.  I have lots of  FAQ's on my website.  This is one of them:

You can do more research on the site or visit the Forum for more help: http://www.pumpsandtanks.com

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QUESTION: This morning I checked for a waterlogged tank, The Tank is light and not waterlogged.  I watched it cycle a couple of times with my wife on the phone at the upper house where she was running the water for the test. I noticed no problem or any short cycling of the pump. The switch cut in at 40PSI and cut out at 70PSI. Everything at the lower house operated very smooth and very normal. BUT, Both cycles caused surging as you saw on the video ONLY at the upper house when the pressure at the lower house reached around 58 PSI.
The bladder in the tank at the lower house is charged to 38PSI when empty.
The problem is not the pump short cycling or a waterlogged tank.
Any thoughts, this surging is driving me crazy.

ANSWER: Are there any check valves anywhere other than the one in the pump?

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Well system
Well system  
QUESTION: There is the one built in the pump and when I installed the pump I installed a new one on top of the pump as the pump supply house recommended. One is installed at the upper house(the house without the tank or working pressure control)this is also the house that had the swing check that you said I should replace with a flow check. I have change out the swing check and replaced it with flow check.
This bouncing and surging is only happening at the upper house. The lower house is operating perfectly normal with no surging. The surging only occurs when the pump is running and the pressure is approaching about 50 pounds in the lower house. When the pressure hits 70 psi in the lower house the pump shuts off and the surging stops in the upper house. All the while the pressure in the lower house never has any surging or short cycling of the pump. Only very smooth operation.
Very strange.
Thanks for your patience and for trying to help me out.
I am a car mechanic, appliance repair mechanic, a/c and heating mechanic. if you need any advise in these areas I would be at your service.

I have tried to attach a simple drawing of system.


Sorry Chris,

I must have misunderstood you.  I thought the swing check was somewhere else.  I would remove the upper check valve altogether.  There is no need for one there and will only cause problems.  The extra one on top of the pump was a bad idea on someones part.  I don't know why they would tell you that, but it's too late now.

Remove the upper valve and see if that doesn't cure the problem.


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