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I have a Gould one horsepower pump in my basement.  It is several years old but has worked reliably for over twenty years.  It cuts off at 50 and usually cuts in at 20, which is about two toilet flushes.  It normally pumps for about 45 seconds before turning off at 50.  Lately, it has been turning off after every flush and is replenishing after only 25 seconds.  I watched the gauge.  It continues to cut off at 50, but now it is switching on at around 32.  It doesn't appear to be losing pressure when not in use.  No one has tampered with the pressure.  Water pressure for all faucets seem fine.  Just wondering why the change in cut in pressure.  Will this problem get worse.  Does something need replacement or attention?

There is nothing wrong with your pump.  Your tank is waterlogging which is what makes it turn on and off faster.  If it is a bladder tank.  It's probably got a ruptured bladder and will need to be replaced.  If it's a galvanized tank, they can be drained and refilled with air which will make it like new again for a while.  Most likely it's a bladder tank though.  You can learn more about bladder tanks here on my site.  http://www.pumpsandtanks.com/faq/

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