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QUESTION: We have a 60'deep artesian well drilled in 1966. No problems until about 5 years ago when sediment started building up more rapidly in the filter. I now have to change the filter almost monthly. How can this situation be improved? Would raising the level of the hose that drops into the tank help? if so, by how much? and would the whole hose have to be replaced or could I just cut it down? Thank you!

ANSWER: You are going to give me more info before I can be of any help.

1.  What kind of filter do you have?

2.  Do you have a submersible pump or a jet pump?

3.  Is this a screened well or a rock well?

4.  What hose and what tank are you talking about?

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QUESTION: Answer: 1. Using a Culligan Filter 1011
2. jet pump
3. if I am understanding your question, I believe it's a rock well as it is drilled through solid rock
4. I used the wrong terms. there are two hoses that drop into the well: one goes to the foot valve and I'm not sure about the other one. Thanks for your prompt responce and I hope this helps.

OK, you have a jet pump with a two pipe jet in the well.  You can't easily move the jet up and down and it wouldn't help anyway.  No matter where the jet is, it's still getting it's water from the same place.

I doh't  know what a Culligan 1011 is.  Is it a softener, an in line filter with a 10" cartridge or what?

People call lots of things sediment.  Sand is a bad thing to have.  If it's sand you can't squish it between your fingers.  Sand can be filtered in several ways however.  If it's squishable between you fingers, it's probably mineral that has built up on your pipes over the years and is now flaking off.  This is not a concern as it's not harmful, just unsightly.  This can be trapped also.  If your interested in knowing more about filtering this stuff you can get with me at my website which is


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