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After living in our house in the country two years, we just began to have issues with our shower running out of water after 6-8 minutes. The water will completely stop in all sinks/shower. So, a plumber installed a new water pressure tank after believing that was the issue...problem continued. So, the plumber helped me check the well. We believe it to be 140 feet deep but it only had about 30 feet of water. It's been raining a lot lately but it is looking to be an issue that the well is not filling up as normal. A farm recently went in down the lane (2 months ago) from us and we believe they drilled wells on the farm that are now affecting our well.

I have a well specialist coming but I believe he is also the one who drilled their wells very deep. Do we have any options legally or are we just screwed and going to have to redrill if that is indeed the case? Have you seen this before where one well caused another one to dry up? They are probably at least 500 feet from us.


You may have what is known as a low yield well.  The fact that you have 30 feet of water in the well and the fact that it runs out of water after 8 minutes means the pump is taking water out faster than it can come back in.

Here in Florida where I live; the strawberry farmers turn on big pumps on very deep large wells then weather gets down to freezing.  They ice in the strawberries to keep them from going below 32 .  This saves the crop.  Problem is, people living in the immediate vicinity of those large wells tend to lose water altogether while these big pumps are running.  The wells cause a "Cone of depression" which means the water level is lowered and the wells that are in that cone will also have lowered water levels.

The lesson you should have learned is to never call a Plumber for a well or pump problem.

Do remember that Well Drillers drill wells, so if they suggest you drill another one, just realize that there are other solutions.

Your well has water and will for the most part keep up with your usage if you use it sparingly.  Or you can install a cistern type tank, keep it full with the well and pump out of it when you need water in the home.  Naturally the cistern has to be large enough to keep up with the daily usage.  Probably 500 to a thousand gallon tank.

I sell all the items needed to make this work should you decide to go this way except the actual cistern.  That you would want to get locally because of shipping charges you would incur.

You can get some more info on my website at:  http://www.pumpsandtanks.com   and clicking on Accessories  > Low yield well  accessories.  There are also FAQ's and Helpful information that has pictures and diagrams.

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