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Hi, approximately every 6 years I need to replace my water heater due to leaks. I have a well system and again just replaced the water heater. The plumber installed a whole house filter with a 5 micron filter inline after the water softner and before my water heater and now I have reduced pressure. Wondering if I should install a less restricted filter, will the 5 micron filter cause any problems to other components in the system, and is the filter correctly installed after the water softner. Please provide your comments

In as much as I despise those so called "Whole House Fllters" your plumber put it in a place that would do even less good than if installed in front of the softener.  The softener will catch practically everything the filter will catch anyway.  Not that there is anything that the softener or the filter could do to protect your heater.  The softener does remove calcium and magnesium which can coat the heater and it's heating rods which decrease it's efficiency.  The in line filter does nothing; absolutely nothing.  A whole house filter is the softener and anything the size of your plumbers filter is a one faucet filter.  

Water's PH can effect your heater, plumbing and anything else metal that it comes in contact with if it's below 7.  The lower the PH is, the more destructive your water is.  Low PH water eats metal.  Have it tested.  A simple $10.00 pool test kit will do the trick.  You want water that is at or above 7.2 and no higher than 7.8.  That's kind of the neutral zone where it's neither acidic or alkaline.

For the low pressure, I would remove the 5 micron cartridge and leave it out.

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