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QUESTION: Hi Robert.  First of all, thanks for taking the time to help people out with your knowledge, it is greatly appreciated.  I have a few questions about my well.  Everything is undersized for the size of our home.  Pressure tank is bad and pump is dying.  I've decided to upgrade everything to meet our needs.  Currently, there's a Franklin 7gpm 1/2 hp pump 150' down in the well with 1" polyethylene drop pipe.  New setup is Goulds 13gpm 3/4hp pump to Wellmate hydropneumatic system.  The info I've found for the new pump recommends the drop pipe be 1.25" to prevent friction loss.  That's not a problem as I had planned on replacing the drop pipe anyways.  My question is about the pitless adapter and the pipe running into our home.  I'm assuming I'll need to change the adapter.  I've never done it before and have no idea how to do it, what's involved, or if it's even possible to install a larger size.  I'll be using a Wellmate Micronizer (air venturi) going to a Wellmate UT-80, 80 gallon tank with a vent.  The venturi is 1" (the only size they make apparently) and the tank has 1.25" fittings.  My question is this, since the venturi is 1" and I'll have to reduce pipe size/fittings for it, would it be ok to just reduce the pipe size at the pitless adapter and keep everthing 1" from there to the tank?  It's is about 10-12 feet from the adapter to the tank.  Or will this just cause friction loss and make running 1.25" pipe from the pump to the adapter pointless?  Hope that makes sense.  Any recommendations you have will be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: My first question is:  Why the micronizer?  Do you have sulfur or are you oxidizing iron?

One inch pipe is more than suitable.  We hang 1.5 hp pumps on 1" at your depth.  I don't know enough about your well to make recommendations about a pump for you, but I can tell you to stay away from Well Mate.  They are not a very good tank.  The micronizer like you suggested may have a one inch venturi, but the nozzle the water has to all pass through to make it work is probably close to 3/8".  All the water from your pump must first pass through the nozzle to get to the tank.

The pitless won't have to be changed either.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  Couple of reasons for the micronizer.  Sulfur odor mainly.  The other reason is we are using chlorine for odor and bacteria control.  Now here's where I screwed up before (new to well water when we bought the house), I installed a chlorine injection pump before the pressure tank thinking the pressure tank would act as sort of a retention tank for contact time.  Well, after the air bladder failed in about 1 year, I did more research and found that chlorine will destroy air bladders.  That's why I chose the Wellmate bladderless tank and the micronizer.  Unfortunately, the tank has already been ordered and delivered from Florida to Ohio, so I'm going to use it until it fails.  For future reference, what do you recommend for pressure tanks?  Any recommendations for treatment of our water?  We had a couple of local companies come out, and they all wanted to sell me a water softner for $3k+.  Here's our well water:

Hardness-25 grains
Iron-.3 ppm
Iron bacteria (any ideas how to get rid of it?)

Thanks again for your help!!!

So the Wellmate is bladderless, just a retention tank.  That's fine.  What you don't need is the micronizer and the chlorinator.  They are both doing the same thing.  Personally I would get rid of the chlorinator.  Chlorine eats far more than just the bladder tank.  That and you still need a storage tank of some kind to protect your pump from cycling itself to death.  The retention tank is or will soon fill totally with water and will not protect your pump.

If you ever get where you are tired of messing with all that equipment, we sell a unit that looks just like a water softener that will get rid of sulfur and iron completely without the micronizer or chlorine.  We have sold many of them and so far failed to get a negative response.  They just work!

With 25 grains of hardness you do need a softener.  But I don't agree with  most softener salesmen in that they cure all your problems.  They don't!  They simply remove the calcium and magnesium which is hardness.  You can get an education on my website if you care to at http://www.pumpsandtanks.com


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