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Terry wrote at 2006-09-02 05:27:40

The record was done in Augus 1983, on the first run he fell after completing the course at a speed of 141 mph.Later in the day on the next run he did 143.08 mph to claim the record which was previously held by Grant Torrens.

Ted Skipper wrote at 2007-04-27 08:23:56
Creg Whent is the NHBA word record holder, set 8-19-1979 at long beach and backed up at 128 MPH. for the !/4 Mile.  Boat was driven by Ted Skipper of San Bernardino, Ca. Wild World Of Sports Video taped both. All others that say they have beat this record were not backed by NHBA. This is the TRUE record. I am Ted Skipper and have ALL the paper work to prove it.

mike wrote at 2008-07-05 23:18:11
The world water ski speed record is held by Grant torrens of Queensland set in the late 1970's at 148 mp/h you can contact grant at his boat brokerage business on the gold coast

Greg Sherman wrote at 2009-10-25 20:23:36
Chuck Stearns, who was the pioneer of waterskiing winning the Long Beach to Catalina and back race some five? times along with EARLY barefoot, trick and slalom skiing set one of the earliest records at Long Beach Marine Stadium in the late '60s (I believe) behind a drag boat called the Panic Mouse. The first run he fell just past the finish line.  After sitting on the shore for some 30 minutes he re-entered the water and set the then record at 122.18 mph.  You had to qualify two runs back then to qualify a record.  I was there that day but was young so the date is unclear although the speed and name of drag boat are clarly etched in my mind.  It seems incredible to me that currently the record is only some 20 mph faster with greatly improved equipment.  Chuck said later it took five seconds to go from 0-122.15 mph.  Can you even imagine the strain on his body.

Mary Stearns wrote at 2009-12-12 08:17:10
Hi. I am Mary Stearns, wife of Chuck Stearns. Just a little bit extra trivia to this answer. The quarter mile drag, when Chuck did it, was done from a standing start, as opposed to the current record which was done from a running start. I don't think they should really be compared because of that, but that's my opinion :)

Dennis the Menace wrote at 2010-09-29 09:42:39
Yep! Ted Skipper or shall I say Uncle Ted? :|

Back in late 70`s , It was like 130? some odd miles per hour...Yeah ! that`s it that`s the unofficial speed.

That`s all I heard when I was a liitle shiikicker!

you uncle Broke the World speed Record! huh?

something bout pulling a Water-skier behind a Freakin Drag boat! at 130 mile an hour! SICK !

My Dad said, because being on water yada yada, it`s like going 136 miles per hour on land? I would say....Yeah, at any rate SICK !  

Ted skipper wrote at 2011-10-02 19:22:57
Hi Mary Stearns, this is Trd Skipper. I agree with you but NHBA doesn't do it like that. If you remember I was surppose to pull Chuck that day they told me & for some reason he couldn't be there they told me so Craig ask to take his place. At that time 8/19/1979 Danny Churchhill of San Bernardino had the record. I was told that your husband, which I think was one of the greatest skiers of all time was there

Ted skipper wrote at 2011-10-02 19:39:16
Of all time. Chuck was great for the sport & was on the front cover of every mag. I was really excited that I was going to pull Chuck & disappointed when he had to pull out. You should be very proud of his acomplishments. Sincerely, Ted Skipper- in San Bernardino, Ca

Chris Price wrote at 2012-03-01 08:55:45
This record still stands now and the Sainty's who towed Chris are still dragging now all be it cars only as boats have declined in the last few years.

Cheers, Chris Price, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. 01/03/2012

taz wrote at 2013-08-30 17:59:04
You do not need a faster boat. If you really want to smash the record e-mail tazatron@yahoo.com


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