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Hi Paul,  I am a member of a private club that purchased a bar that was owned by one of the big movie studios. It was said that this bar was used as a prop in many western movies including John Wayne movies.  The bar is very distinctive.  If I showed you a good picture of this bar, is it possible you would recognize it from a "Duke" movie?  Thanks,  John Papa

When I first saw your photo, I immediately said, "That's got to be the bar from The Shootist ." Then I looked at this video

and looked closely from 0:21 onward -- not a match.

Then I checked out Rio Bravo
at about 0:37. Again, not a match.

Unless someone can say SPECIFICALLY which film it MIGHT have been used in, I can never be certain.

Note that, in most saloon scenes in John Wayne movies, Duke would end up destroying several parts of the bar. Like in this clip
from about 2:00 forward.

So it would almost have to be some scene where Wayne did NOT get into a fight or a shoot-out.

In other words: Sorry, I can't make a recognition.

Wayne, John

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