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Wayne, John/Metal ear horn/trumpet


Ear horn/trumpet
Ear horn/trumpet  

Ear horn/trumpet
Ear horn/trumpet  
Dear Mr. Priddle,

I have a metal ear horn/trumpet that was used in one of John Wayne's movies and I believe it might be a movie made before 1960.

I am attaching pix here and hope you can help me by letting me know which movie it was used in.

Thank you in advance for you kind and generous offer to be of assistance.  What a blessing it is to have an expert like you available to help out.

Many thanks in advance.

The Quiet Man
The Quiet Man  
Hello Yona,

I must be honest and say that I couldn't personally recall seeing an ear trumpet in any of John Wayne's films. But, having checked with a couple of fellow Wayne fans, I have been informed that an ear trumpet did make an appearance in the 1952 film, "The Quiet Man".

Wayne, John

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