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I  am looking for a movie that also starred jimmy or james jones. that was his real name. the reason i am looking i met this mans relatives at a yard sale and bought a small dresser that was supposed to be in the movie and i want to see the movie.If it is in fact out there. I would like to know if the piece is a diamond in the rough. It is such a cool story to tell over and again. the older lady said her uncle jimmy was in some of john waynes movies but i have found nothing at all on him. i have grown up watching john wayne. he was a neat person.

IMDB is about the most comprehensive movie listing I could imagine. Its search function lists 63 people in the business named "James Jones"
and 25 named "Jim Jones."
I also checked the 13 people listed under "Jimmy Jones."

None of those listed have any connection to any John Wayne film.

Unfortunately, many actors -- including John Wayne -- used stage names instead of birth names in the credits, so it is possible the "Jones" of this story used a different name when on-screen.

Is the story true? Could be. I just have no way to confirm or deny it.

Wayne, John

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I have seen ALMOST every film with an appearance by The Duke, made since 1940, and a few dozen of those before then. If it's a film with him, I've most likely seen it, have an opinion on it, and can try to answer questions about it. I have no usable expertise for films not starring John Wayne. I know absolutely NOTHING about Wayne memorabilia. If a question is not about a FILM with Wayne in it, then I'm not the one to ask.


I saw my first film in which Wayne stars almost fifty years ago. Since then, I have seen over 120 films where he makes an appearance.

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