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Hello Paul.
How many films did John Wayne appear in that were not either westerns or war films ? I can only recall three; Genghis Khan, The Greatest Story Ever Told and one in which he played a detective (and was a crooked one too, I think).

Although the Duke specialized in westerns and military roles, his over 200 movies featured a lot of other roles:

Brannigan - cop
McQ - cop
Hellfighters - oil fire fighter
Circus World - circus manager
Donovan's Reef - drunken retiree (sorry, but that's the best description!)
Hatari - animal wrangler
The Barbarian and the Geisha - diplomat
Legend of the Lost - adventurer, guide
Blood Alley - ship captain
The Sea Chase - ship captain
The High and the Mighty - airline pilot
Trouble Along the Way - college football coach
Big Jim McLain - government investigator
The Quiet Man - retired boxer
Wake of the Red Witch - sea captain
Tycoon - mining engineer
Flame of the Barbary Coast - gambler, business owner
Pittsburgh - business executive
Reap the Wild Wind - crooked salvager
Lady for a Night - gambler
The Shepherd of the Hills - moonshiner
Lady From Louisiana - government investigator
A Man Betrayed - attorney
The Long Voyage Home - ship worker
Adventure's End - pearl diver
Idol of the Crowds - hockey player (yes, you read that right!)
I Cover the War - news camera operator
California Straight Ahead - trucker
Conflict - logger, boxer
College Coach - college football player (small role)
Baby Face - business executive (small role)
His Private Secretary - business executive
The Life Of Jimmy Dolan - small role
The Hurricane Express - railroad worker
Maker of Men - football player
Three Girls Lost - murder suspect
Girls Demand Excitement - college student

Wayne, John

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I have seen ALMOST every film with an appearance by The Duke, made since 1940, and a few dozen of those before then. If it's a film with him, I've most likely seen it, have an opinion on it, and can try to answer questions about it. I have no usable expertise for films not starring John Wayne. I know absolutely NOTHING about Wayne memorabilia. If a question is not about a FILM with Wayne in it, then I'm not the one to ask.


I saw my first film in which Wayne stars almost fifty years ago. Since then, I have seen over 120 films where he makes an appearance.

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