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Wayne, John/Complete list of all John Wayne films.


I have purchased what I hope is all of the films John Wayne appeared in. What I would love to do is print a list from the computer so I may check the ones I have off against the list to make sure I have them all. Thanking you in anticipation. Barry.

Hello Barry,

If you go to the following sites, you will find complete lists of all the films that John Wayne was in, either as a bit part player, a featured player, a co-star or in the lead role.

It would be amazing if you have all of them. I've been trying for many years, but my collection is still a bit incomplete.

Wayne, John

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Mel Priddle


Movies have always been my great love and John Wayne films in particular gave me more pleasure than most. I have studied his body of work for years and would be more than happy to answer any questions relating anything he appeared in, directed or produced.


Ex-cinema manager and film publicist.

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