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scarbody wrote at 2015-08-20 15:35:26
my dad use to make them when he was young and even when I was 11-16, he used a 2by4 with nails going down on both sides of it a cm" apart and a inch" across, take your base cord and weave it around the nails.then when your done take the colours you are using and start to weaive over and under.


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BJ Heeke


I can answer questions about spindle spinning, low whorl, high whorl, & supported spindles. I can answer questions about navajo plying on a wheel, & andean plying from a spindle. I can also answer questions regarding making one`s own spindles from CD`s or wooden wheels and dowels. I have limited weaving experience, but if I do not know the answer, I surely will find someone who does!


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