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I want the back ground of this nav will be green colored fully. and the menu name "HTML" will be red. But I can't do it though i have tried..Please help me.

2. another question is---is it possible to insert a flash banner in wordpress or into a page a flash photo gallery?

Hi Shovon

How do you edit your html? Do you use something like Dreamweaver or do you just use a text editor like notepad?

The best way is to attach a Cascading Syle Sheet (CSS) to edit the styles of your content. If you need help with this let me know.

Or you can do it within the html like this:

<nav style="background:green;">
 <a href="/html/" style="background:red;">HTML</a> |
 <a href="/css/">CSS</a> |
 <a href="/js/">JavaScript</a> |
 <a href="/jquery/">jQuery</a>

Instead of the words Green and Red you can also use the hex colour code, for example #7d7d4e if you need something more specific.

<nav style="background:#25FF4B;">
 <a href="/html/" style="background:#FF0000;">HTML</a> |
 <a href="/css/">CSS</a> |
 <a href="/js/">JavaScript</a> |
 <a href="/jquery/">jQuery</a>

If you don't have photo editor or know how to get the hex color code you can use something like this https://kuler.adobe.com/#create/fromacolor.

It certainly is possible to add a flash banner or flash photo gallery to wordpress. However this involves complicated instructions to talk you through adding it. It also depends on what version / template you are using.

Let me know if there is anything else.

Kind Regards


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