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Hello Kiven,

Ok my site has been online for almost 1 month with little or no traffic to it.It is a user submitted content site that allows anyone to submit pending approval their own investment tips and advice. They can also comment on those tips as well. So far nobody has submitted any tips except me with 16 total post. Is there anything i should do to the design to make it better anything else can i do to drive more traffic to the site. I have a facebook fan page and twitter account for the site.

Thank You


the first thing that comes to me is that why would someone else share their investment tips on somebody else's site. you have to get your target users to have motivation to do this, maybe via rewards or something that will make them feel sharing their trade secrets to be worthwhile.

as for traffic, you need to build your audience  on social media and then drive them to your site. be careful not give them everything on social media as you want them to go to your website .

most of the you need to build content yourself so traffic will come. 16 posts is nothing. get stay on it and continue building, a fanbase doesnt happen for most overnight.

Good luck! Hope that helps!

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