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We are a choral group and have a website with photos on it as well as text. it needs updating.  I have no idea of how to do it.  will I need to buy special software?  Any help appreciated. If you wna to see the website go to.......http://www.besser.com/chorus/Index.htm

thanks, Jim

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It seems that your site is in a folder on the main besser.com website. The simple answer is, whomever is in charge of managing that website will likely have the access needed in order to update your website.

The method to actually edit the site is likely over the FTP protocol, essentially, you login to the server using a ftp program such as cuteFTP, open the folder you want to edit, then edit the html file. I wouldn't assume that there is a Content Management System such as word press on a site like this, though I could be wrong.

I did a little digging and can tell you that your website hosting is with sprintlink.net. Sprintlink is owned by Sprint. Most likely the website hosting is included in Besser's internet connection.

I believe that if no one at Besser knows who would be able to update the site that you should call Sprint at 800-669-8303 or 866-304-7876.

I hope this was helpful. If not, please let me know

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