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maribelz wrote at 2013-03-02 18:53:45
I would try to combine all the site into one. One big unique site is more powerful than 3 different sites with the same content. You can choose to targe an specific country (option in Google Webmasters Tool) or just target the language of your site.  

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Daniel Ruffle


I can answer questions on most areas of web design & development - including: html5, css3, JavaScript, php, search engine optimisation, mobile web development & responsive design.


I have been in the web design & development sector for 10 years and have been running my own web design company for 10 years. Working with lots of completed projects within that time.

I have mostly been self taught which is the way I learn best. I have been on lots of training courses, read lots & lots of books. Within this sector though I find the best way to learn is to get stuck in.

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