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I was wondering whether I could get your help on an issue I am currently facing. I have a website where anyone can make an account and watch videos I post. How can I set up a history sidebar for users to see the videos that they have watched to completion? For example if a video is 30 seconds long, how do I set up the video history sidebar to include the video if the user has watched the video in its entirety (the full 30 seconds and not just parts of the video)? Would I need a special video format that only allows a video to be watched from beginning to end (without allowing it to be buffered from the middle)?

I would be very grateful if you could help me with this issue.

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This is a very complex question and their really isn't any one answer. What you need is a video viewer that has the capability to track what customers have watched. After they login, your database will need to constantly "watch" how far into viewing the video they are and log it to the database. Then you'll need to write code to call back that info into your sidebar.

This really isn't an answer, but more of a theoretical how do I do this. I would recommend contacting a web development company who specializes in video playback to build a custom player for you to implement.

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