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hi how r u?I have a question.How do you setup a web server.Im interested in setting one up.Ive heard of people setting up personal web servers but id like to learn how to setup a full fledge server.A professional one.One that it just like what hosting companies have.I say this because ive worked in the it field as a tech and id like to expand my knowldge.Maybe even hosted pages for myself and others.I know a web server is a computer that is somehow connected to the internet but im wondering what's the software that's installed on it that makes it a web server
In order to have one do i need rent a building and have some sort of telecommunication line installed.In theory i could probably just hook up a server to my existing dsl or internet connection at home.I dont think that's going to work for two reasons.One ive read that the connection that your server is on has something to do with bandwidth and if its not the correct bandwidth or something like that then you would have problems when multiple users try to access it.That would be a problem because im not trying to have a personal server.Im trying to have a full fledge legitmate server just like what companies have.
Number two i think i read that a lot of isp wont just let u connect a pc to the net like that.Am I correct?I guess im having problems understanding what software in required to make the server and  what exactly it takes as far as a connection to get it online.I dont know if i need to find a building and put the computer in there and then have some sort of line installed.Or can i have a computer at my house and some how get a line run inside.Im kinda clueless on this  subject.

This is a VERY open ended question, and potentially, a very complicated one. I will attempt to offer you a way to get where you want to end up, rather than the step by step process.

Your home internet connection is slow. Regardless of what connection you have it's not built for many people accessing a server set up in your home. There are data centers which are purpose built builders which provide a enterprise level of security, power, bandwidth(through multiple providers) as well as rack space.

There are 4 primary ways in which you can get a website on the internet.

You can purchase and configure a home computer to run linux (or windows) and install the appropriate software needed to create a webserver. In a professional environment, this is not an options because the speed and redundancy you need is not available via residential services.
Price point: cost of hardware and internet connection.

Method two is to buy a shared hosting package from places like hostgator or bluehost. These providers build a server, then give you a small chunk of it to use. Your site will likely be one of 100-300 other sites on that server.
Price point: Roughly $5-$10/mo

The third method is to set up a server which will be "fully managed" virtual dedicated or physical server. A fully managed server means that a company, such as ServInt would build a server for you and give you root access. Virtual dedicated would mean that you have root access to the server, but you are still 1 of two dozen servers running off of one master server.
Price point: Roughly $50-$200/mo

The fourth method is for companies who need a dedicated person to handle and manage all their server needs. I call this "white glove fully managed service". This is something that I personally provide and wouldn't be able to recommend anyone else (as I couldn't speak to their quality). The servers created and managed in this method are build to the client's exact specifications and are monitors 24/7/365. At 2 in the morning, if the server goes down, this provider is already up and working on it.
Price point: $350+

All these methods (except the last, potentially) use server management softwares known as control panels.

I hope this has helped out at least a little.  

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