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shanepaul961 wrote at 2014-01-04 12:51:58

If you are thinking about making a blog site then many sites are there which are give you free blog then register it and create a blog. EX- Tumbler and livejurnal.


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Softwebzone wrote at 2014-01-11 06:09:54

Yeah. You can purchase a domain name and hosting space from any hosting providers like Their you can see auto generating website, blog softwares. Using those options you can create a blog or a website of your own. Only drawback is that you will get only the default designs for your blog. If you need an attractive one then you need to contact some experts in the field of web designing. Better to go and hire a freelance web designer compared to go for a web designing company. If you need further help you can contact me.

anu wrote at 2014-03-13 09:54:26
Web Design is the creation of new web pages and sites using HTML, JavaScript and other web languages. It is a professional web designing company well known to its quality of designing - See more at:

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I've been developing websites for almost 20 years. If you have questions like these, I can help! Should I try this myself or hire a professional? What tools do I need? How do I sell products online? How do I make money with my website? Can I create a website without buying expensive software? How do I design a website FAST? How do I market my website? Is a BLOG a website? How do I put video on my website? What is website hosting? When will search engines find my website? OK, I've found a site I like - but now what? Can I make my website a subscription site?


I have over 20 years of practical experience with web-related issues, and some military computer training. I've worked for a computer manufacturer, and own a small technology company specializing in web-design, hosting, and internet media production. I am the webmaster of several sites, and e-newsletter editor for Rotary District 6760 which is comprised of 65 clubs throughout middle Tennessee.

I'd like to say a diploma from a revered educational facility hangs on my wall, and perhaps someday it will. In reality, everything I know has been self-taught, much of it done so in the hallowed halls of that venerable institution called "The School of Hard Knocks". (I have taken courses at a local community college, and received military computer programming training as well.)

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