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QUESTION: Hi Ken, I found a Wordpress theme I want to use, here is the page where you can download it.
It shows the use of a drop down menu and for my site I need to do this but I have no idea how to implement it. I have emailed the developer and got no response. There isn't much instructions on setting up the theme. I searched around on message boards and found out that I set a category or page under the parent of another category, I tried this and it didn't work. Can you help me with this?

ANSWER: Hi Loren.

The first thing I'd check is that your theme supports Wordpress custom menus.  

Go to your admin dashboard, click appearance, and look for the menus link.  Click it.

Then look left - under Theme Locations - it should have a drop down selection for Menus.  If it doesn't, there is likely a message saying the theme doesn't support custom menus.  If this is the case, and you've created child pages under a parent page to no avail - I can't be of much help.

If however, there is a drop down selection for saved menus, create a new menu, add a few pages to it for testing, drag a page to a child position, (it will look indented) save the menu.

Then Theme Locations - select the menu you just saved, save the settings, and open your website.  You should now see drop down navigation.

I hope this helps - Ken

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QUESTION: Thank-you that worked to create a menu. A few more questions, how do I put the children under the parent? And do the parents all have to be categories because this is what I used to put into the menu?

Hi Loren -

For your question about "how" I'm going to send you to this page:

Look for the heading "Creating Multi-level Menus."  It shows you exactly how to do it there.  (easy)

No, parents don't have to be categories.  You could make any menu item a 'parent' of another even if they're not the same thing, i.e., a POST could be the parent of a PAGE, or a CATEGORY could be a parent of a CUSTOM LINK.   That's the beauty of custom menus.  


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