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Hello Daniel.Just one short question.In my website I am targeting 19 keywords in 9 pages,one 8 pages targeting 2 keywords per page while one is targeting 3.I have did the keyword density and everything and build loads of links with different anchor texts also with deep links.I am ranking top 10 for maybe 9 of them on however I seem to be failing sometwhere.Most of the phrases targeted are verl long,like four words (for example where to stay in malta,things to do in malta,malta villas with pool).So in this case I was thinking that google might not be picking up what the content is about,some keyword effectiveness is diluted and doind small pages targeting 1 keyword per page might yield better results.I was given a page rank of 3 and some ot the website beating me are massive website like tripadvisor, who are like page rank 8 or 7,however I am beating some "stronger websites" on some better optimised keywords.What programs are best to give you a detailed competitor analysis report as there is only website called which seems page rank 3 and beating me.
One last question which I find very strange is the hige difference in rankings from to while some keywords like where to stay in malta I ranked 4th on and 10 th on others like holiday apartments st julians I am 1 st on and 130 on I never saw such things in my life before.My website is 6 months old and sometimes when i buid links one keywords goes up from 10th to 2nd then after a week or some weeks it goes considerable down again.Can you be of any help pls?At the moment I am using an seo tool on Mozilla.

Hi David

You should only be targeting a handful of keywords / key phrases per page. If you target too many you can end up diluting the important ones.

Regarding international google sites, there can be quite a difference between them. This is because at the site generally uk sites are given more weight. Where .com can be a more international based site. So .com can get more weight. This isn't always the case though.

Regarding the jumping about of rankings. This happens a lot as Google goes through the site and anaylises your ranking it may jump about quite a bit until it settles down.

Some SEO Sites:

There also loads out there if do a search as new ones are always available.



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