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twin screen shot
twin screen shot  
I'm a newby and a little dummy about websites.
I'm trying to make some little changhes to my website (background image, fonts, colors...)but I stopped just on the index page.
As u'll see in the image attacched, index page is very different if sseen on the net or saved as HTML file.
I tryed to give a look at the source code of the page but I cannot find anything about that different look.
Do u know which and where is the trick?
Thanks a lot in advance.

ANSWER: Hi Fabrizio - great question!

I don't have your source code, so I can't tell for sure - but it appears that the "saved html" view is missing your background image.  That's most likely because it's looking in the wrong location - or the background image file has been deleted or moved from the folder.

If you can't see the code - or don't know how to change it - a possible solution could be to publish the website from the web server BACK to your  local machine.  That would replace any missing or lost background image - or if it's just bad code, it would replace the code as well.

I hope this helps - Have a great day.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Source code
Source code  
the site is working properly, I missed to send u the source code.
Now u'll find it in the attachment.
The only jpg in the code is "anelli" (rings - wedding rings) nothing else.
I can suppose there is a css because all the background images of the site are almost the same ( www.boutiquedellafotografia.it), but, how to retrieve and modify it?

BG Image code
BG Image code  
I'm attaching an image that shows you the background image code.  It IS in your css file.  The reference to the background image uses a relative url like [ ../locationfolder/filename.jpg ] and that's probably why the background image won't show up on your local machine.

You can add tools to your web browser that lets you see the code on a live site like my screenshot.  Google "browser web developer add ons" to find out what's available.

Have a great day - Ken

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