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QUESTION: what is a good template for us at
I want to know when i make a first page on my website i know content is important but many templates only allow for limited text and then u have to hit READ MORE... so there is not much content space..

What is the theory for SEO. if u just have a slider and basic info on page one does that mean that you wont rank high because you dont have a lot of content?


Many new or small business owners wonder if they can create professional-level websites that combine SEO, eCommerce, and mobile design themselves, with the proliferation of free template generator services that have commercials on TV all the time. The short answer is "no." The reason for this is that template builder services do not provide personalized services and research at the level that a professional developer and programmer can; the free company won't (or can't) research your SEO for you and program keywords into each page for you and they won't give business advice and take a personal interest in seeing you reap return-on-investment.

With that being said to answer your question directly, if you are looking for a free template I always suggest using the "2012" theme/template available at It works on all smartphones, is very basic, and allows for alot of customization.

My personal choice if you have a business and are ready for it to grow, would be to invest in a custom theme/template so that your SEO can be programmed into every page, the theme/template can be custom-designed for your specifications, and you have some say in what you're getting and know it will work over the long-term.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this is essentially how your site is ranked in search results by Google, the world's largest search engine online. Bing and Yahoo use their results and make up a tiny percentage of search results.

When people use websites that use flash, image sliders (which people love), and special effects like animations, it basically blocks Google from reading SEO terms. Some people don't care about SEO, but these are usually also people who don't know they're refusing potential business growth. So, sliders can sometimes block SEO depending on how they're set up. They also often do not work on mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and older browsers. So it's better if it's one image.

As far as content is concerned, Google changes its algorithms every six months or so now to catch spammers and people trying to rig the system in their favor. They do this by setting up their programming to look for original content (writing), blogs that are like essays and cite sources, and links connecting to real sites and related businesses. Google knows phony businesses, mirror sites, and people trying to rig the SEO results won't be able to do these things in most cases and very few businesses will take the time to write out in-depth content or blog posts that are 1400 words or more. This is why you can see a website that looks okay at face value, and if you look up their terms in Google you won't find their business listed after several pages. Most new or small businesses get caught up in this, with an old website that doesn't work on smartphones or tablets, has no SEO, and doesn't help their business be found online in any way.

So to get better SEO rankings (and who doesn't want that?) you need in-depth content using your specific SEO key words and terms and writing about subject matter specific to your business and local areas and that connect that all together.

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QUESTION: Thank you. let me rephrase the question.
I am asking about the first page of any website vs google looking at all the pages on a website.
On page one i am concerned with design and limited text.
So if i just have an attractive first page with limited content and i have many pages with content will that be looked up by google as good---yes the site has good content but the page has none or little


Google "sees" or reads the first page of any website as its "cover" or main indexing page.

This is why many older websites that do not use Content Management Systems and use HTML, refer to their main pages as "index" pages in the coding.

It seems that the site has low SEO rankings and this can be due to lack of content on the first page, lack of links connecting to the rest of the site, and lack of content that is featuring your SEO key words; so it's always combining factors and never just one. The site may have good content, but if it does not link to the rest of the site, or if the verbiage is very minimal, it provides less to Google to index. This doesn't mean that the more content you have the higher it will rank, just that your front/main/first page should typically have around 4-500 words in it if possible, which is 3 to 4 paragraphs of content on average.

If you were to look at my company site, you'd see content written out that connects via link to other pages in the website. The content also features keywords for my industry and geographic location locally. Now, without spending a penny on Google Adwords or any promotion whatsoever other than word of mouth, my site can (and does) go from the third page of local search results to page one, then to page two, three, and then back to page one and so on. It bounces around but never seems to leave page 2-3. This is because other companies with more money at their disposal can pay Google Adwords for higher ranking and promotion; but without getting too into things, you can put your site on the first page of local search results without spending a penny, but it can also move around....but if content is updated regularly and blogging is done, you can watch it stay reasonably close to a certain level.

Hope that helps.  

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