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Dear Kiven

In the Home and all subsequent web pages do the links are in straight line or not ?. If they are in the same straight line and not tilted at an angle, is this because of background slope curve illusion which is causing us to think whether it is not in straight line ?.

Attached image for the same.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar


Based on your attached image:
The links on the bottom are also horizontally aligned (unless you used CSS to manipulate the link properties then it will always display in alignment regardless of how curved your bg image is)

Other things: The request callback image though is obscuring the blinking text below the ticker tape (Chrome Browser)

The links on the top nav bar (home,rent,landlords) are horizontally aligned. Same for the links below the circular images (1bed , 2bed, 3bed etc)

Also you can do an easy way to confirm just by drawing a line (take a screenshot, open it up in image editor like photoshop) from one end of the links to the other end (or simply underlining it) confirming is anything is out of alignment (straight line)

Hope that helps! =)  

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