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my left sidebar content text is white. I want to make it black (the background is black only to be able to see it). I checked the style sheet and found no white or #fff color anywhere for text. Do you know how to make it black? Also, do you know how to make the left sidebar wider?  the site is blabido.com

Hi Al -

Typically, if you can't find a specific code for color in a container, it's handed down from a parent rule - so maybe look in the body css?  The sidebar properties would likely also be in the css code, perhaps as a percentage or a hard number like 200px.  You can adjust that in the css, but be sure to compensate in the other container properties so they all equal "100%" or a hard number that would display well on all devices.

If you find it's too hard to adjust - you might want to look for a more flexible theme that does what you want from the start.  :)

I hope this helps - have a great day.


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