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QUESTION: There are left and right sidebars. Any way to designate which posts should appear in the main post area and which should appear only in the left or right sidebars? I want creative freedom as to how the post should look like - the same as any other post. I'm using twentyfourteen.

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ANSWER: First of all, good call to use the freebie 2014 theme design. Anyone first starting out with WordPress or learning web development on their own as a beginner should start off with a fairly basic theme that works on all devices well and has some support.

There are plugins that can assist you in designating which posts should appear in which widget, but that being said, it's much easier and simpler for design purposes to have one "recent blog posts" box or widget space. You can make one (or more) posts "sticky" meaning that they will almost always populate the top spots (unless you write enough blog posts to push them down, but it depends on how many posts appear per page and how many you write per week).

As far as how posts will look depends on the theme you're using (and yes some plugins can alter that, but the more plugins you use the more you run the risks of have code conflict).

I would a) suggest reading the discussion/support section for that theme and posting your question there (where developers more familiar with that particular theme use can chime in) and b) then looking for plugins concerning post types and post display (but make sure they have the green "it works" button before downloading and attempting to use and have active support in the support section as well).

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QUESTION: thanks. one more question. my theme allows "featured" items to appear on top in grid form. The three featured items on my site are left justified and hitting the left sidebar. Do you know how to move them a bit to the right?

Well, if you look at the social media icons on the right and the header, you can see that the spacing is off kilter somehow. The header needs to be centered more effectively or resized. The social media icons fade or cut into the text area. Not sure how this would work on different screen size resolutions, on different mobile devices, but it wouldn't surprise me if the spacing was off-kilter. Obviously this is a project under development, (and you can put up a coming soon page easily if you want to by just downloading a great plugin called "ultimate coming soon page"). Why the text on the left is jacked-up has to have to do with the header cutting into it and it may just be one of those layouts that will look and function much better with the left widget area removed; could just be the way the theme was designed.

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