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QUESTION: I'm setting up Feedburner, some people instruct to simply copy and paste the "email code" into the website widget, and other people instruct to first install a plugin to redirect the feed to Feedburner. Can you explain what this means and is it important?

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ANSWER: This really depends upon the specific widget and/or plugin you choose to use. You didn't say if you're using a specific plugin or not (and if you are, please send the URL of the download page). If you are using a plugin, hopefully it is from the WordPress.org plugin repository (in which the vast majority of plugins have a discussion forum, a "it works" green button to signify whether or not it's sure to work and is vetted in most cases from someone at the company that owns WordPress, Automattic). That being said, you can set up FeedBurner any number of ways, either by putting the copy and paste basic HTML code in the footer widget, in a widget on the block (sides left or right) or in a "coming soon" page.

I don't think most developers used FeedBurner any more simply because it's not necessary (in my opinion), as people can subscribe to your blog posts either by going to a "subscribe" widget box, clicking on the RSS feed image (which most people know about by now), or subscribe to a Mail Chimp newsletter (which collect a week or month's worth of blog posts in most cases). Is FeedBurner important? Not in my humble opinion because as I said, you can have a "subscribe to my blog" as I have at Sudden Impact Web Design.com, or you can have a "subscribe to our newsletter" as a lot of people have which summarizes a week's or month's worth of blog posts for subscribers and allows you to add images and links and so forth). The purpose to both, ultimately, is to collect e-mail subscriber addresses so you can send them e-mail about promotions, ask them if they need help, and so on.

Feel free to check out what we have at Sudden Impact Web Design.com and let me know if this answers your question.

Take care!

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QUESTION: Thanks for the super fast and thorough response. What do you use for email management on your Sudden Impact Web Design.com ? The generic Feedburner box says in large letters FEEDBURNER.COM and looks cheap.

What do I use for e-mail management at Sudden Impact Web Design.com?

Before I talk about that, let''s address your point that goes along with the question:

I tend to agree with you that ads for other companies' services on a professional business website do look cheap! Especially if that business website is supposed to represent a business actually in the technology and digital marketing field! I always tell potential clients that if you're not sure about something a) ask or b) simply look at how a top representative in that field is doing things. If you're a chef or restaurant owner, look at how Gordon Ramsay runs his website(s) or look at Jon Taffer's. Look at major restaurants in New York or LA. If you're an aspiring web developer, look at sites for others in that field in New York or LA as well, or Toronto. Funny how none of the major players in any field have websites with other companies' logos on them or have free sites.

Now to answer your question directly, I use MailChimp from time to time and for subscribing to our blog I use a great little plugin called "Subscribe2." Since Sudden Impact Web Design is actually still quite new (we changed company names recently and developed a new brand and site) I'm still updating several facets of that online presence. If/when I set up a newsletter (which I probably will soon), I'd probably use MailChimp or Constant Contact to deliver the newsletter and stick with Subsscribe2 to allow for blog subscriptions.

Hope that helps. If it does help, give us a kind word on All Experts.com!

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