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my left sidebar content text is white. I want to make it black (the background is black only to be able to see it). I checked the style sheet and found no white or #fff color anywhere for text. Do you know how to make it black? Also, do you know how to make the left sidebar wider?

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To make text black using HTML just type it like so <b> and then type the hashtag sign followed by six zeroes. I can type it in here in my answer to you, but the editor may mess it up. Here goes: <font color="#000000>content goes here</font color>. That should do the trick, but keep in mind here that you did not give a website URL (tech-speak for website address) so without looking at your source code to see what you actually did, we have no way of knowing for certain what is there or why it's there as it is.

To make the left sidebar wider, you would have to tinker with fairly extensive PHP and CSS coding, which is going to depend on the theme you're using as to how it's going to come out, function, and look. That would take time to do what I call a "diagnostic" check on and then come up with a solution and kind of takes more time. Perhaps you're using a Genesis framework or some other pre-purchased theme? If that's the case, you should be able to post the more time-consuming portion of the question to their support forum and get home (if they provide it for you and that's what you're working with).

Hope that helps somewhat! If it does help, feel free to go to http://www.facebook.com/suddenimpactweb and give us a "like."  

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