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I am trying to make a website that functions like a crowd-funding website, where people have their own accounts, can search projects, can track their own payments etc.

I am not sure if I can make this website on my own, since I am not a professional website designer. Can you please answer both questions:

1. Assuming that I can make this website on my own, what type of website design software should I buy and use to create such a website?

2. Assuming that I cannot make a fully functional website on my own. What software should I use to make a prototype that displays the would-be content and aesthetics without the functionality? So then I can later display it to a professional website designer and/or investor.

Thank You.

Good Morning!

Realistically, building this without any programming experience just wouldn't be possible; this sort of website is quite complex.

I'll answer #2: The best software, in my opinion, to mockup the website visually is Adobe Photoshop. There are various other design programs you could use too. Some of which are free. You do get what you pay for so, Photoshop would likely be the easiest to use.

I think there's a third option though. Whenever I'm working on a new program that doesn't have an existing site i start simply with notepad. Write out the full start to finish on each person who will interact with the site. For Example:

Crowdfunding site
1) User interaction
a. Users will open website and will be presented with various crowdfunding project without 50 miles of theiir geo-location
b. Users can create an account of use facebook, google or twitter connect to login
c. After logging in, users can choose a project they want to fund by clicking a "Fund this project" button
d. After deciding on the amount to fund a project for, users will receive a thank you page and be directed to check their email for important updates/fulfillment.

2) Fundee interaction
a. Those who are looking for funding will click a special "Get Funded" button and be taken to a special portal make specifically for those seeking funding.
b. Fundee's will submit a request form for administrators to review.
c. etc etc...


I've found that walking through the entire process, and thinking through all possibilities and putting those on paper first is the best way to start brainstorming on a project. Look and feel is important, but, for quoting purposes the concepts are a more important factor.

Please let me know if you need any more help on this. Thanks!

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