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I am trying to make a website that functions like a crowd-funding website, where people have their own accounts, can search projects, can track their own payments etc.

I am not sure if I can make this website on my own, since I am not a professional website designer. Can you please answer both questions:

1. Assuming that I can make this website on my own, what type of website design software should I buy and use to create such a website?

2. Assuming that I cannot make a fully functional website on my own. What software should I use to make a prototype that displays the would-be content and aesthetics without the functionality? So then I can later display it to a professional website designer and/or investor.

Thank You.

Hi Rami

First of all I have to sat that this sounds like a large project to undertake without any web experience. You will almost definitely need a web designer and developer.

The industry standard for building sites is Adobe Dreamweaver but there are many others, such as Microsoft Expressions or Netbeans for example. The first two you pay for and the last one is free however this is used by people with a lot of experience.

Again Adobe Photoshop is the standard for designing websites but there are many around. Including many free ones and online ones.

A few listed below:



Or you can use mockup site like:



I hope this helps.

Kind regards


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