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I started making Web-Sight back in 1996 using Apple Claris 4.0 Web Page, or Web design. Its been so long ago that I'm a little fogy on the name. Anyway Do thy still work in the same way? In short, If I build a web sight with a older Apple PowerPC like a  G3 with OS 10.5  using AppleWorks. Do thy still work in the same way on the web? Is there any shortcomings in the older web Programming? I will appreciate any help sincerely John.


Software programs are going to be updated fairly regularly (that are good) due to the proliferation of viruses and malware, and just to stay competitive, so it's unlikely that any program that operated a certain way several years ago is likely to be the same or operate the same. Even web browsers are updated probably every six months or so.

Shortcomings in doing web design as it was done several years ago can be numerous:

-your themes (also called templates or designs) can be vulnerable to spyware, hacking, malware, and just not working properly on mobile devices (and new ones come out regularly so professional web design needs to be responsive to different screen resolutions and sizes)

-paying clients (who can tell good design from poor) will want modern design with SEO and social media and eCommerce. Older designs may not be able to accommodate these requests

-older designs often don't work with modern eCommerce programs and platforms and take longer to load (appear on screen) and are tougher to train clients (who want that service) in using

One of the great things about being a web developer is that technology is always advancing so there are always new ways to do things, and more to learn; but that's also one of the challenging aspects of web design as well - to manage your time in such a way that you do not technologically fall behind.  

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