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I am new at web designing and I've so far done three. I would like to get the message across in the Internet that I am a web designer and there's one particular website that I'd like to show and also like people to visit so that it becomes more searchable.  I am aware of the platform called stumbleupon.com .  I recently designed this website www.budgie-world.com (I would be happy if you visited this site and gave me some thought on what you think:) There's a facebook comment section on the last page titled 'First Encouter )
Here are my questions to you. I would appreciate any form of assistance you can give and if you are unable to help me and you are kind enough to forward it to someone who can.  But I think you should be able to help.

1.Are there any good platforms out there like www.Stumbleupon.com where websites can be show cased for people to see or where the experts will see it and maybe take notice of my work?

2.  My web designing teacher told me that the more the site is visited the more it comes to the front in search engines.  So when you go to Google and search for something the first web said that comes regarding the topic you searched is obviously the most visited site.  Is that true?
In that case what is the secret to getting more people to visit my site.

It might help you to know that i don't design websites by coding .I use the software Adobe Muse which is 100% coding free.Thank you in advance for any kind of assistance you may be able to give me.

Ok Navid, let's answer your question.

As much as I would like to, I can't really review your site and give an opinion on what could be done to improve it or give it greater conversions; but I can certainly make some suggestions as to marketing.

While StumbleUpon.com is fine and it's certainly good to have your site submitted there or mentioned there (both options are great), I would also post your work on Dribbble.com and then go to SimilarSiteSearch.com and type in Dribbble.com and look up similar sites for your to submit your portfolio to. Just look up as many "showcase" or "portfolio" and "freelance" sites as possible to show off work you are proud of. If the work is good, you'll get some comments and maybe some attention. I'd also suggest you continue gaining experience working with more people locally and offering to help others on their projects.

As far as what your teacher said, while it's true the more your site is visited the more Google is likely to notice that traffic,it's also true that the higher Google ranks your site the more traffic it's going to get. So it's kind of a "chicken or the egg" argument, but getting traffic first, if you can manage that, will result in rankings moving up. But I'd also say that your teacher didn't do a good job of explaining the principles of SEO to you, such that you'd voice questions and obviously not understand what s/he is saying. A statement like the one your teacher made doesn't help anyone very much without more background information....One way (ironically) to get noticed in Google searches is to pay Google, through starting a Google Adwords accounts, paying whatever you can afford for several months and experimenting with ranking practices - but it takes time to get right even if you're proficient in Google Adwords and key words and SEO in general. So there's no magic bullet to getting to the top of Google search results and it surely can't be done quickly without shelling out money to Google for ranking help. I would recommend studying SEO and Google has some very good tools on its own site, and on their YouTube channel that you can find by just going to YouTube and typing in "how Google search works" or "Google adwords" or "Google ranking."

I'm not familiar with Muse. I've heard of it, but don't use it. There are many different frameworks you can use to build attractive and functioning sites, themes you can learn to customize and master, and tools similar to Muse, so it's no big deal one way or another if you use that. If it helps you create attractive, mobile sites that you can be proud of, be creative in making, and you feel you can work with integrity and artistry and creativity that's more important to me.

Hope my answer helped a bit.

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