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Web Design/Wordpress, Genesis questions?


Hi there! I am creating 2 Wordpress blogs and plan to apply the Genesis Framework to both. My questions are:

1. Do I have to download the Genesis twice or can it be used on both blogs?
2. What's the difference between a child theme and a parent theme?
3. I have 2 laptops and was wondering if I had to download the Genesis Framework on both computers since I'll be using both for my blogs? Will it be covered on both computers?

Thank you for your time!


1. Check the license you bought for the theme as usually its either for one blog install only or you can use it for multiple (developers license) or unlimited.

2. Think of a parent theme as a blank wall and a child theme as a design for that wall. Elements such as color positioning of paintings on that wall is dictated by the child theme yet still is based on the structure of the actual wall (the parent theme). A more detailed explanation is here:

3. Refer to my answer in 1. also if you bought it you should have access to the Studiopress forum, where you can ask questions specific to the genesis theme there.

Hope that helps!

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