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I have a website that, to me, looks a bit too compact. The reason is that the width of the content is fixed, and it's all rather narrow. I think the font looks too small, too. When I zoom in with the browser so that the site fills the screen, it looks much cleaner, at least to me. Of course, then the font is rather large.  

I'd like to be able to change the css so that the three columns aren't fixed but are responsive to the size of a visitor's screen. This is my site: It's a Wordpress theme. I found the css file, but I'm afraid to mess with it, even though I've saved a copy of the file contents just in case.

Is this possible? If so, what would I change and what would I change it to? There is a main container of 960px. There are three columns. The largest in the center is 460px, the smaller side column on the left is 160px, and the larger side column on the right is 280px. There is also space for padding. Then there is the floating. I was always able to do this kind of thing with html, but I'm lost with CSS.

Is it possible to change this without messing up the rest of the site?

You can absolutely do this, but, if you're not comfortable with coding responsive websites you may end up breaking things. The trouble with most wordpress or other templates is that they use fixed sizes rather than percentages for widths. Also, there are different ways that the sections lay out, or "box models". There are new box models, namely, the Flex box model, that allow for coding responsive sites a bit more easily.

There is no real shortcut to making the changes you'd like. It will take many hours by a knowledgeable person to get it just right. I hope this helps.

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