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Hello Ken -

I'm sending this question to prepare for a meeting.  I own a website that serves artists in my area.  They can post their work to my 'online gallery.'  The viewer clicks on their painting and is led to more of their work.  The fellow who designed the site has about half of the pictures tilted slightly -  for a more lively appearance.  Some of my artists are objecting to this -  they think it looks crummy (to be blunt).  I'm assuming the designer can change this - 'dial out the tilt.'  However, I'm worried that he'll say, 'sorry, you're stuck with it; there's nothing I can do.'  This will leave me with a dead site - and all my investment will be lost.  I don't know what site-building or authoring tools he used (I'm not a techie).  Do you think my request is reasonable?

Thanks -  Mark

Hi Mark.

Your question is subjective, so it's hard to answer without exposing a bias, lol!

From a "client" perspective, of course your request is reasonable.  You're the boss.  You can tell the designer to display them upside down if you want to, and be perfectly within your rights to do so.  Not much more to say on that....  :)

From the designer's viewpoint, it may have been a custom bit of programming with a lot of work that went into creating that effect.  They may look at it as "their baby"and have an emotional attachment to the code.  On they other hand,  maybe they have statistical data that shows displaying at an angle results in more "end user" engagement, so it would be a bad idea to "turn it off" because a few artists are miffed.

Not knowing the reason "why", it's hard for me to advise which way is "best" - because it all hinges on who you're trying to serve.  

I believe that if you present him with the concerns of the artists, and ask what the consequences of changing the angle of image display might be, you'll be in a better position to get the best outcome.

Hope this helps - Ken

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