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I have  questions.

I'm formulating a web site with my professional BIO info. I need to showcase an assortment of video clips. I'm using Dreamweaver CS6. I'm unable to find direction on setting up a page where the viewer can select and play various video clips. Can you direct me, or explain what I need to do?

I can insert one video clip and it works and looks fine. However, I can't find a way to have the viewer select which to view.

I was interested in having a static screen, where all videos play on - similar to CNN's News Video page, however, a seperate Window pop-up whenever a clip is selected then disappears after it plays, also works.

I am able to "insert" a Plug-in (Media>Plugin) however, my MP4 doesn't show the video.
I have better results inserting a .FLV, it plays and looks fine.
Yet, selecting Media>Plugin my video audio is a split second behind, and I don't get a larger picture. Are you able to assist me with this situation best format? etc...

Thanks in advance for your time...


Hi Jim,

You are best sticking with the MP4 format as it is more widely supported. flv formats aren't supported on Apple devices.

In terms of a video selector, you are moving in to the realms of programming the functionality. You can't simply insert this feature. You can add multiple videos on a page and make sure auto play is off. Then the user can click the video they want to play.

Let me know if you have any more questions.



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