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Hi Kiven,

Long story short: I want to get into the video game industry. There's a small start-up company who's doing a remake of a very popular classic game. Our work is coming along really well so far, very polished and professional. They took me on to do some voice acting and scripting. I have some writing experience and a writing degree, and the other team members really like my scriptwriting and voice work. The game is currently on schedule to release around this year's holiday season.

My question: is this experience valuable in the "real world" of video game careers? For example, could I put this experience on a professional resume and try to get hired at other video game companies, or would I need 5-10 years of "real" experience before any company will consider hiring me?

Or might it be better to stay put and hope this small startup company I'm working with grows into something bigger? Are the chances of this happening pretty good in today's digital game market?

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Your question wasnt really about web design, i figured i answered it as well. In my game development experience (I have 8 years combined in publishing and development for web/pc and mobile), the more actual experience you have working on a shipped game, the more valuable it is. of course, the deeper your involvement and the bigger the names and brands attached, the bigger the value is as well.

A good strategy would be to actually do some research on what your prospects are locally/regionally and base your plans from there.

Every endeavor in game industry right now is a big gamble especially with indie studios due to the saturation of the market. Look at your living requirements and see if you can help a team grow or build a brand first and then try to level up your job status by trying out to the bigger boys once you have more experience under your belt.

But don't be afraid to grab an opportunity if something really good comes your way and you know you can back it up.

Hope that helps. Good Luck!

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