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QUESTION: Dear David

Can Binary images be considered as Strong Passwords in Web Forms?

Is it difficult to hack a binary image?


ANSWER: Hello, Prashant,

Binary images are strong passwords in website forms, however hackers and spammers are still able to get past them rather easily. When it comes to spamming, ultimately the best thing to do is simply delete and/or report e-mails that anyone is not sure of. Personally, I get hundreds of e-mails daily (as a web developer) and bulk delete anything that is not from a specific person I know or with a specific type of subject headline. It takes approximately 5-10 seconds in each e-mail account and obviously doesn't stop spam but I don't think anyone has anyone yet has come up with a surefire way to stop spam e-mail, especially in forums.

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QUESTION: Dear David

Thank you.

Can Animated Gif, Animated Icons,Emoticons be good Passwords
which can be difficult to hack by the Hackers?



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teaching photo  
It would have to depend upon how they are used and implemented. I am not a security expert, so I would suggest studying effectiveness of "pick an image" capthas and then look for reported flaws in their use. Certainly the site could be a good place to start as there are many security captcha plugins that use images. You could look over the code, look at complains or issues with their use, and offer to help out if you feel you can.  

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