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Hi my name is Ramesh, I would like to know which is the best Hosting Service in India

I can't tell you about India specifically,but for hosting services ask for;-

Do they give you email, how many addresses?There should be at least 10.

Do they have live tech support?

There should be at least one MySql (or equivalent) database.

At least 2 ftp names allowed.

What is their limit for sending bulk emails out? I found out only recently that I could
only send 100 an hour or so.

Do they allow a mapped drive? This can be quicker and friendlier than ftp.

Can you ssh (telnet) in? This is useful for quick changes.

Can you download all the access logs? This is very important for a start-up, the 'awstats' viewer

is very good, but sometimes you will want to know exactly who is coming to your site and for how

long - then you need to see the logs directly.

I use hostgator ( who are U.S.A. based, but in most ways, it
doesn't really matter where your host is.


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