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Hey Bob,
I don't know if this falls under your area of expertise, but I was looking for some advice on a website I hope to make. Basically, I want to make a website for a web comic series I am making. Issues would be made available for the public to download with a "name your price" feature. My question is this: If I use a web host, would I retain rights as the creator of the series and distributive rights? Should I just buy my own domain? Thanks!

The ownership rights are yours whether you own the domain or not, however in practice,
owning the domain yourself is a good idea as you have more control over the content.

In the latter case, make sure the domain is actually registered to you and not to the
hosting service - I actually prefer to keep domain registration and web hosting with
two separate and independent companies.

I would also advice having a disclaimer stating exactly what the user and your rights
regarding the material, and possibly a 'user agreement'.

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